One Day in Your Life

It occurred to me years ago that most of my writing is about the distance between here and there, between now and then, between present and past. One Day in Your Life, a post series I began at The Hits Just Keep on Comin’ years ago and gradually refined, is intended to illustrate the distance, by recalling some of what we did, what we watched, what we listened to, where we went, and what we heard about in the news on specific days. Some of those days saw big events happen, the kind that live on in history books, and some days did not. By remembering the mundane alongside the significant, my hope is to provide context for the significant—and also to provide context for whatever we ourselves were doing on those same days.

Although I intend to write new posts occasionally, this blog is mainly an archive of posts that have appeared previously at The Hits Just Keep on Comin’, although I have edited them to fix links that have died since the posts originally appeared, and I have updated information in some of them. For example, many early posts linked to charts from Cash Box which are no longer available online, so I’ve revised the chart information in most of those. Some posts originally appeared at Popdose. They have also been edited and updated as necessary. Some updated posts—those with a significant amount of information compared to the originals—will be labeled “A Somewhat New Day.” Posts that are entirely new—those never appearing in any form at The Hits Just Keep on Comin’—are labeled “An Entirely New Day.” Posts that first appeared at Popdose are labeled “Popdose Original.”

You can navigate this blog by using the calendar in the right-hand column, or use the category cloud to find a particular month or year you are interested in.

Posts will appear intermittently, on any day of the week and at various times of the day, in 2017 and 2018. By the end of 2018, I will have largely run out of posts to repeat, and that will probably mean the end of this blog.

Please leave comments on the posts if you like. If a particular day happens to correspond to some significant event in your life—a birthday, a wedding anniversary, or anything at all—I invite you to note it in the comments. If you would like to contact me privately, use the social media links in the right-hand column.


How Was *Your* Day?

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