July 27, 1986: Somebody Like You

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(Pictured: Nancy Wilson of Heart with then-husband Cameron Crowe, David Furnish, and Elton John, 2006.)

July 27, 1986, is a Sunday. Greg LeMond becomes the first American to win the Tour de France. Investors in a potential NBA franchise in Orlando, Florida, announce that if they are granted the franchise, the team will be called the Magic. For only the third time in baseball history, two pitchers who have won 300 games face each other in the same game. Don Sutton and the California Angels beat Tom Seaver and the Boston Red Sox, 3-0. Several people in Malaysia report seeing a red sphere hovering over a field. A three-foot-tall humanoid gets out of it and walks around, leaving footprints behind. In Texas, the Clear Lake High School Class of 1976 holds its 10-year reunion. By presidential proclamation, it’s the first day of National Nuclear Medicine Week. President Reagan also signs the Commercial Vehicle Motor Safety Act, which tightens the licensing requirement for commercial drivers. For the fifth time since they were adopted in 1970, the University of Michigan Gilbert and Sullivan Society amends its bylaws.

Rock critic Cameron Crowe and Heart co-leader Nancy Wilson get married. (They will divorce in 2010.) Queen plays in Budapest, and Stevie Nicks plays in Portland, Maine. Miles Davis plays in Italy. The Ramones play in Minneapolis, and Lou Reed plays in Philadelphia. The Cure plays in San Francisco. During the show, a fan climbs on stage and repeatedly stabs himself in the chest; the crowd cheers, believing it’s part of the show. Richie Havens plays Santa Cruz, California. Bob Dylan plays Denver. Howie Mandel guests on Dr. Demento’s syndicated radio show. On the Billboard Hot 100, with the new #1 hit “Sledgehammer,” Peter Gabriel dethrones his old bandmates, Genesis, whose “Invisible Touch” had topped the listing the previous week and is now at #3. Kenny Loggins’ “Danger Zone,” from the soundtrack of the movie Top Gun, sits between them at #2. New entries in the Top 10 are “Papa Don’t Preach” by Madonna at #6, “Mad About You” by Belinda Carlisle at #9, and “Modern Woman” by Billy Joel at #10. The biggest move within the Top 40 is made by Bananarama’s cover of “Venus,” up to #23 from #34. Only two songs are new in the Top 40: “Words Get in the Way” by the Miami Sound Machine at #37 and “Yankee Rose” by David Lee Roth at #40. The single biggest mover within the Hot 100 is “Somebody Like You” by .38 Special, up 23 places to #66, although Billy Ocean’s “Love Zone” is at #65 in its first week on.

Perspective From the Present: In 2007, I was invited to write a guest post about the life of a radio DJ at Got the Fever, a site maintained by longtime blog friend Kevin, and I chose to write about 1986, and especially that summer. I think I have probably rehashed a lot of it at my other blog in more recent times, but if you’d like to read that original post, it’s right here.


One thought on “July 27, 1986: Somebody Like You

  1. You know what the kids were listening to in ’86? Middle-aged white guys. Some of it was good – Peter Gabriel’s “So”, Paul Simon’s “Graceland” – and some of it was tolerable – Steve Winwood, Eric Clapton.Robert Palmer, Bob Seger. Even the Moody Blues were on MTV.


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