October 2, 1970: Fun Company

Embed from Getty Images

(Pictured: Martha and John Mitchell, 1970. He’s the Attorney General of the United States; she’s his eccentric and outspoken wife.)

October 2, 1970, was a Friday. A plane carrying 36 members of the Wichita State University football team and a crew of four, en route to a game in Utah, crashes in Colorado. Only nine survive. (Six weeks later, a plane carrying 75, including 37 members of the Marshall University football team, will crash in West Virginia, killing everyone aboard.) Future talk-show host and actress Kelly Ripa is born. Martha Mitchell, wife of U.S. Attorney General John Mitchell, is on the cover of Life magazine. Inside, an article on Saturday morning TV features a photo of Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp. President Nixon travels from Zagreb to Madrid, continuing a foreign tour that has taken him to Rome and will also take him to the UK and Ireland. Nixon accepts a key to the city of Madrid and attends a state dinner given by Generalissimo Francisco Franco. A conference sponsored by American Library Association and the U.S. Office of Education Bureau of Libraries and Educational Technology closes in Warrenton, Virginia. Papers presented at the conference include “Broad Bandwidth Telecommunications Systems” and “World Wide Information Networks.” The National League and American League championship series are set to begin tomorrow, although probably with minor-league umpires, as major-league umpires are on strike in a contract dispute with baseball owners. Billy Martin is hired as manager of the Detroit Tigers.

Shows on ABC tonight include The Brady Bunch and The Partridge Family (an episode titled “The Sound of Money,” featuring an actress named Farrah Fawcett credited as “Pretty Girl”). This Is Tom Jones features Zero Mostel, Diahann Carroll, and the Ace Trucking Company. On NBC, guest stars on Name of the Game are Barbara Feldon and Mickey Rooney. In London, the Monty Python comedy troupe films an episode titled “The Attila the Hun Show” that will be broadcast in November. Derek and the Dominoes play Nottingham, England. At KADI in St. Louis (“The Fun Company, 96FM”), several records are outperforming their national chart number, including “As the Years Go By” by Mashmakhan, “Our World” by Blue Mink, and “Holy Man” by Diane Kolby, a Christian pop tune that will reach the Top 20 in St. Louis, Denver, and the Twin Cities. Up at the top, however, KADI is in step with the rest of the country: The top five are “Lola” by the Kinks, Three Dog Night’s “Out in the Country,” “All Right Now” by Free, “Candida” by Dawn, and “Look What They’ve Done to My Song” by the New Seekers. In Wisconsin, “Candida” is the first song a new Top 40 listener really loves.

Perspective From the Present: A lot of Christian-pop crossovers you can hear as generic love songs. Not “Holy Man.” There’s no way to hear it as anything but a love song to Jesus, and a borderline-erotic love song at that, although the part where she sings to him, “You’re the one who knows when I will die” is not so much erotic as it is creepy. But you’ll have to judge for yourself.


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